When caught in a dilemma, always choose to outsource


How do you prefer to work mostly?


When you are doing very well in your chosen field and you have set duties and priorities, it is understood that you have a lot more on your plate than you can chew. What do you generally do in such situation if you are expected to do additional duties?Do you still carve out time for the additional responsibility because you believe in self reliance or you simply choose to outsource it to any of your employees or to an agency employed in such work?


Creating the content of a new website is indeed a full time job:


Now consider the above in light of creating new content for a website that you propose to make live soon. This is because even though you realize that a brick and mortar arrangement is important in order to establish oneself, still in today’s world, you cannot do away without having an online presence.Creating the content and graphic representation is a full time job and so unless you can rededicate yourself entirely to the content creation or dedicate one employee from your team only for the purpose of maintaining affairs of the site it is not going to work out for you. Visit our new website at .


What kind of team do you lead?


If you own a small team, then dedicating one person alone for the content and graphic designing will sound impractical. In case you lead a big team then the challenge is that of finding the right the person with the right set of skills to do the job.Do you have a person who you can afford to look after content and following online leads full time?Content creation and marketing on the wider medium may be fun and creative but it is definitely anything but easy. A successful content writer has immense amount of skills and he cannot at all afford to be an average.


Content managers need a wide array of skills:


An ideal content marketing team has the following people on board to help them with the consistent work:Chief content editor: this person heads the teamEditor: the editor is in more ways than one likened to the director of a movie. He has special skill to get the work moving on time.Knowledge manager: he is the powerhouse of the information which will need to harnessed and packaged as beautifully as possibly.Curator: the curator is one who finds hidden gems from inside and tries to beautify the project.Producer: has the set of skills that are important for things to happen as per plan.


Strategist is one who plugs holes in the final product. He brings with him immense knowledge of the dudes that inhabit the cyber world.Analyst or the researcher: he is the one who will thoroughly research the content to be written.Listener: tries to bridge the cap of miscommunication. A listener brings his own insight into the field and can tell from your tone whether you are interested or not.Crowd sourcer; this person knows how to pull the maximum crowd towards the webs.


Writer: he is the content creator.


Visualizer: a Visualizer helps in adding the graphical touches to the only text image.Community manager: this person here takes the responsibility of writing comments online and publicly and openly endorse or reject the product or review them.


Social media manager:


A social media manager manages the client’s campaign on the social media sites like Facebook, etc.Data journalist.


The portfolio of this man is to add graphics to the text to make it look attractive.




Finally, an optimizer will add SEO touches to the website. He may also add more titles and also adds any titles or subtitles that he deems appropriate.What are the skills that a great content writer must possess?Flair for creative writing.Expertise in the subject written about.Networking skill. Actualizing the dissemination of the work through various mediums


What do statistics point out?


45% of companies have agreed in the period of last one year that their content writing is not up to the mark. They either feel fatigued doing the job themselves or are not too happy with the person assigned with the job. The corner stone of the website being attractive is to determine whether it is able to attract any traffic and if at all it is able to then is it engaging enough to convert the visitors into footfalls.


You have a choice between freelancers and agencies:


Now say if you have a choice between the freelancer and the advertising agency, which one will you choose. This can be a difficult challenge but the below mentioned points that will hopefully allow you to answer.The Freelancer Versus agency battle:Points to consider:Price benefit:A freelancer will cost less as it has no  over headsQuality advantageThe quality assurance of an agency will be better than that of the freelancer for sure because there are more people working for it.Dependabilityquotient.


An agency is more dependent and it will deliver the work in the stipulated promised period. A freelancer may also dedicate himself to the join.

He has to have the best expressive skills, a command over the language he is creating the content in and an absolute aptitude to create winning content.

His duties will include posting newer and latest content on the internet and also marketing the internet website extensively on social and other media.


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